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How to Make a Pitch Deck: Comprehensive Guide to Winning New Clients

Growth is typically the top goal for any company. It’s how you take your business, and yourself, to the next level of success. Until you sell the company or otherwise move on, growth will be on your mind. However, a lot of business professionals start to fall behind when it comes to finding ways to actually promote that growth. 

That’s where a pitch deck comes in. 

A pitch deck is a simple presentation that can beef up your company’s client list surprisingly well. In this article, we’ll elaborate on how to make a pitch deck and key points you need to consider doing so.

What is a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck is essentially a PowerPoint you send to potential clients to market your business as the optimal solution for their needs. It’s simplistic, gets to the point straight away, and focuses on positioning your service as the answer to the potential client’s problems. 

Pitch decks are used by agencies and companies to pick up clients directly, and even startups looking to secure funding will use them to entice investors.

7 Key Points to Consider When Making a Pitch Deck

How to make a pitch deck - 7 key points to consider when making a pitch deck

A pitch deck might be simple, but if you want to make one that’s effective, a lot of thought needs to go into it, and you need to structure it properly to avoid drawing it out or making things too complex.

Here are the 7 key concepts to consider.

1: Prep Work

You don’t want to start making your pitch deck until you have a solid understanding of what needs to go into it. Primarily, that means you need to research who it’s going to be. 

Your pitch deck should be specifically tailored to the recipient. If that client is experiencing low sales, that should be the pain point you’re positioning yourself as the solution to. If they have a company culture based around a certain idea, show that your company aligns with that, and so on and so forth. 

Other key information to help design your pitch deck includes the budget they should have, how old the business is, what they sell, etc. 

Before you start crafting the pitch deck, you should have a solid understanding of your potential client. 

2: Open with a Hook

How to make a pitch deck - 100+ brands worked with us

Just like any piece of content, you want to have a hook that opens the pitch up and grabs the client’s attention. This is one or two sentences that acknowledge their pain points and introduce your company as the solution. 

This is short, simple, and to the point, but make sure you make every word count. 

3: In-Depth Introduction

Once you’ve opened the presentation with a hook, it’s time to start introducing your company and what you do in a more in-depth fashion. This is to connect to the client and start showing off how you can help without coming in too heavy right off the bat. 

This might take a couple of slides. 

You can start by introducing pictures of the team members who will be working on their project and giving a general overview of how the company provides its service, your general goal, and some of the things that make you stick out.

How to make a pitch deck - about us

You can follow this with your personal story as the business owner; explaining how the company began, why you started it, and your goals. 

Obviously, this should all be true, but it should also be aimed at propping your company up as a credible service that can truly help.

4: Propose Your Plan

You can’t expect the potential client to sign on if you have no idea what you can do for them. You need to have a solid plan in place before you approach the business. You can’t know everything they need before you even meet them, but you should be able to glean enough from online resources to understand their basic needs and offer recommendations. 

How many slides this should consist of is determined by how much you have to recommend. The key is to take a bullet point approach to this, and you should include estimated prices for each recommendation. This lets the potential client get an understanding of the budget they’re looking at, and they can quickly see what you have to offer. 

5: Implementation and Strategy

How to make a pitch deck - what tech for paid ads management we use (WordPress, CallRail, Hotjar)

Once the client sees what you have in store for them if they sign on, you want to take time to explain how those recommendations will be implemented. Again, you should keep this short and sweet, but it should provide plenty of information such as necessary adjustments, scheduling, what actions they’ll need to take, the tools and resources used to implement this strategy, and more. 

6: Financial Breakdown and Expectations

How to make a pitch deck - financial breakdown and expectations

Now, it’s time to break down the expected financial effect this will have on both costs and ROI, and you should be able to accurately predict a reasonable result. 

How should they expect their sales to perform going forward? How much of an impact will this have? What will it do for the company in the short term and long-term? 

This reinforces that the client is making a good decision and that it will be beneficial. 

7: Personal Connection Reinforcement and Call to Action

Finally, it’s time to reinforce the personal connection you’ve attempted to build, and then try to encourage the potential client to pull the trigger on a partnership. You’ve done what you can to prove you’re capable of being a worthwhile asset to the client, and now, it’s up to them to take action and secure your services.

If you’ve dealt with marketing at all, you likely know how to do this. It’s brief, simple, and fairly easy to get right.

Get Help with MK-Way

If you’re looking to grow, a 10–12-page pitch deck is a great way to kick that growth off. However, getting it right can be a bit difficult until you’ve had practice. 

That’s where Toronto’s #1 digital marketing agency comes in. We’re dedicated to helping companies like yours grow, and we can help you through the marketing process to elevate your business to the next level. 

Are you ready for the journey ahead? Let’s soar!

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