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2022 is almost here. Web design companies in Canada are growing strong. Very strong. They are catching up with a never-seen-before rise in businesses moving online. So far, the internet was being ruled by corporate giants with huge marketing budgets. But, now is when even small SMBs are joining the online club for e-commerce.

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SMBs moving online means only one thing. If you don’t have your business online, your competitors definitely do. To beat them, you need more than a website. You need a website with a great design. Plus, with over 72% of Canada’s population choosing eCommerce, web design is a priority. 

 In this blog, we will look at everything about web design. We will learn what it is, how it is different from web development, and why it is so important. Then, we will learn why you should choose web design companies in Canada. Regardless of where your business is.

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Web Design For Ecommerce: Meaning And Importance

Before discussing the best web design companies in Canada for your SMB, let’s understand web design a little. What is it? And, how is it different from web development? Knowing this is important because people often confuse the two.

What is web design for e-commerce?

Any business selling something online has a website. Website design is a combination of many skills and disciplines that produce and maintain such websites. It generally refers to the design process of the front-end, i.e., the face of your website that your customers see. It includes the following:

    • Web graphic design,
    • User interface design (UI design),
    • Authoring (including standardized code and proprietary software),
    • User experience design (UX design), and
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

 Web developers code the website’s structure in languages like Python or Ruby on Rails. Web designers create their visual layout on platforms like Weebly or Wix. A great web designer will work in complete sync with web development teams. Together, they combine the website’s structure and looks to enhance the user experience.

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Why is web design for eCommerce important?

SMBs are the backbone of the Canadian economy, no doubt. Users are now expecting that their favorite local shops are online. Be it food, pet products, fashion, lifestyle, health, or more. Everything, local or global, is online.

And, about half of those users agree that website design is the number one factor when they judge a business. But why? Because web design is not only about looks. It affects a lot of aspects of the website, like:

    • Attractiveness,
    • Loading speed,
    • Responsiveness,
    • Navigation,
    • Content,
    • Organization,
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and more.

 With a bad website design, the look, feel, and experience of your website decreases. And, then, this is what happens:

    • Your customers lose trust and feel your business lacks credibility.
    • A bad design leaves your customers dissatisfied and frustrated. When they leave, it increases the bounce rate.
    • When the bounce rate on your website rises, it brings down your Google SERP rankings even if you have great SEO.
    • This, in turn, crushes your marketing efforts and causes losses in your sales and revenue.

The web designers at MK-Way are aware that 88% of online consumers do not return to a website after a bad experience. And that sets the crux of why web design is a big priority. But, big corporations have the mega marketing budgets to get their websites designed. How do SMBs match that?


They do it through companies that provide affordable web design services.

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Reasons To Choose Web Design Companies in Canada: Local Support With A Global Outlook

Effective digital marketing strategies are a big part of a successful business today. Whether your business is global or in Canada, web design companies with a well-rounded approach can bring a lot to the table. For great digital marketing, you need to combine local knowledge with a global outlook. 

But, if you are a small business in Canada, there is nothing better for you than choosing local experts for help. Just ensure they have that important global outlook. Your business may be small today, if you come online, it will grow. And, the best thing that a growing business can have is a global vision.

Things that make web design companies in Canada great all businesses are:

Better communication with local clients

Communication is more than just being in the same time zone. But, if your web design company happens to be in the same country as you, it can make things easier. For a business in Canada, a firm that provides web design in Toronto is a better choice than, let’s say, one in London. Especially, when it comes to urgent changes and emergencies. It smoothens the communication process and makes scheduling easier. For small business owners, work tends to go without a hiccup even if you are not a pro at emails.

A deeper understanding of the local market

Each market is unique. Let’s say your business is in Ontario. Then, a local web design company in Ontario will know the local market much better than any firm abroad. For them, creating a website and a marketing strategy for your company will be easier. The farther away from your market your web design company is, the worse it could get. Non-Canadian web design companies might deal with your business in generalities. When it comes to local markets, the more local knowledge your company has, the better it is. A local firm has the on-the-ground ability to understand your target audience and area.

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Knowing your business and its customers

With local web design companies, your business has better chances of grabbing the attention of your community. Even if your business model is new to them, the area and its community aren’t. For such a firm, it is easy to become intimate with your business as well as your customers and expand your user base using social media. 

 You do not want a boring website from a non-local company that completely washes over the nitty-gritty of your business. You want a responsive website that actually markets your brand to your users. For example, a website for a real estate business in Los Angeles will be completely different from one in Toronto. And, if you are a Toronto-based realtor you need someone who knows the area to do the best job for you.

In-person treatment if required

Remote, hybrid, or with a fully-functional office, web design companies in Canada come in a variety. But, whatever their work model may be, choosing them has many essential advantages. In-person treatment of clients is a big one. When you hire a web design company for your business, you enter into a business relationship with them. Choosing web design companies in Canada gives you the leverage of being able to know them personally. 

 You are going to allow them to make your website and manage your digital marketing strategy. That is why it is crucial that you’re on the same page and that you work well together. When it is required, you can sit down and discuss your plan personally with your web designers. And, this freedom can mean a lot in emergencies. 

More proximity, more accountability

There are some hard disadvantages to choosing a company you only interact with digitally. Rare, though, the chance of them ghosting you is real. Non-responsiveness, delays, or completely dropping off the face of the earth can all happen. But, not when you are in business with web design companies in Canada. For small businesses, this could be a giant financial setback. And, of course, the web presence and marketing that you had planned and invested in would fail. 

 An organization that is local will be held to a higher level of accountability than an organization that is not local. Since their reputation is on the line, you can have more faith in their reliability and dedication to their work. But, if you hire experts for your business’s web design in Toronto, you can count on them for responsiveness. Even on short notice, help is only a call away for you to know how to contact them and exactly where to find them. 

Enter Toronto web design company MK-Way

The affordability and web design expertise matter a great deal in this industry. But, for a small and medium-sized business, a lot more goes into building those sales and revenues up. The online world is scary for any business. But, for SMBs, it is even more difficult. 

For small businesses trying to create their web presence or do a website redesign, there are crucial questions they need to answer when it comes to users. Do you want only local users? Or, do you aim to expand your business globally? Regardless of what your business specifically needs right now, a good web design company needs to have a perfect blend of both to provide you with solutions. 


 Enter MK-Way


MK-Way is a web design company in Canada that functions out of Toronto, Ontario. We work with small-, medium-, and large-sized businesses. We provide affordable web design and development services. We design, develop, maintain, and improve websites for clients across a lot of industries. Our services include: 

    • Web Design, 
    • UI/UX Design, 
    • Web Development,
    • Ecommerce Website Creation 
    • Social Media,
    • Digital Marketing,
    • Digital Strategy Creation 
    • Online Course Creation, 
    • Website Hosting, 
    • Branding, and more. 

 With MK-Way, you do not just get budget-friendly web design and website development services. You get more. You get a web design company with a mission and principles.

Globalized, but with local roots

Marketing is not only about borders, distance, or cultures. Online sales and revenues are built via relationships. These relationships with customers and partnerships with firms can be local and global. 


Our team represents and respects a globalized culture. And, we provide our clients with the same. But, because we are based out of Toronto, Ontario, we have a close relationship with our community. We have experience in web design and marketing for a range of small businesses based in Canada. You could be looking to market locally or for web design for eCommerce worldwide. MK-Way does both and does them well.

No borders on online business

If you are a small or medium-sized business looking to grow online, physical distance and borders do not mean anything. Your business is online. You could be someone looking to sell in Canada only or someone who wants to break online boundaries – why not sell across all of North America? Team MK-Way gets you quality plus affordable web design and development services so that your business can do that and more. Be it within Canada or overseas.

Remote work(ers) means 24x7 help

Our roots are in Toronto Canada, but our team is sprawled throughout the globe. This gives us a deeper insight into a global culture and clientele. Our team represents the diverse population of Canada as well as the worldwide community.

Our specialists work remotely from the comfort of their places. So, you don’t get help in your time zone only, but pretty much 24×7! We don’t just believe in online relationships; we live them at MK-Way. And, we understand them better when it comes to web design and digital marketing for your SMB. You get a full-time online support solutions system that keeps you in a perpetual loop about your project with us.

Dedicated staff that values You

Dedication is not defined by borders. And, we at MK-Way know this very well. Our staff loves their work. Not because we pay them well, which we do. But because their work is their passion. From research to copywriting, web design to website development, social media marketing to e commerce development, hosting to security. They do it all and more. They watch out for your business. Not because it is their job, but because it is their duty. 

Empathy-marketing approach

Agnostic leadership combined with dedication to work sets MK Way apart. When you work with us, you don’t get a bunch of techies out to make money.  No, what you get is a team of involved, experienced, and empathetic specialists. You get guidance, knowledge transfer, and support throughout your online journey. 

Canada Web Design Companies:
Choosing MK-Way

Choosing the wrong firm means setting your business up for a frustrating experience. And an ineffective web presence. There are a lot of reasons why it makes sense to hire a local web design agency. But then, if you are looking to expand globally, you need a different point of view. And MK-Way does both local and global, with equal expertise. 

At MK-Way, we build websites the way we build relationships: with quality work, care, support, and empathy. And that is what sets us apart from all our competitors.

If you are looking for web design companies in Canada for your business’s website, get a quote today

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