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Are you looking to work with a professional, dynamic, and inclusive team? You’ve come to the right place. MK Way team members are like the guardians of the digital realm; we’re caffeinated storytellers & admirers of content creation, online advertising and website traffic. 

Hey there! I am Mike, and I’m happy to see you’ve landed on our careers page.

At MK Way we are celebrated for our creativity and courage to draw outside the lines. The best ideas win, and we leave our pride and fancy job titles aside. We do it “for them” because their trust means the universe to us.

The MK Way to Team Building

Our approach to team building is centred around creativity, optimism and doing it “for them”. We root for each other while we give each other the space to explore our talents and stretch our genius beyond what we previously thought possible.

MK-WAY Team Culture

At mission control centre, we work magic with machines, but that doesn’t mean we are machines. We take the time to get to know each other. There’s a real person at the other end of that keyboard, and we want to recognize and celebrate that. Our Thirsty Thursdays: once a month, we grab our favourite drinks and meet up to talk about anything and everything (no work talk allowed).

A diverse team focused on inclusivity.

Members of mission control come from all corners of the galaxy. Not only do we represent diversity, we are fearless defenders of inclusivity. We believe in standing up for what we believe in. We do not accept any discrimination based on (but not limited to):

Hear it from our
Team Members

Project Manager
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Working at Mk-Way is everything I asked for. I feel appreciated and respected. Mk-Way has been the place where I have learned, met amazing people, worked hard and had fun. I have the best feeling every day being grateful and happy for the place I work at.
Project Manager
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The best part about working with MK WAY is our empathetic approach to client problems. What does it mean to put empathy at the heart of our work? It means taking time to deeply understand our clients and the problems that we're trying to solve. The more you approach issues with an empathetic lens, the more you're able to connect with clients and create the best solutions with your team.
Creative Director
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Most companies I have worked for had an “everyone is expendable” mentality. At MK-Way it’s the complete opposite, I feel supported and safe and that has brought out my most creative and productive self. It’s a real joy working here with all these amazing people.
Graphic Designer
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Working with mk-way is always going to be a great milestone in my career as a graphic designer, it is rare to find an agency that treats the employees with empathy and caring, not to mention the learning and experience I got working with a great team in a great work environment here at Mk-Way.

Available Positions

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We are a rapidly unfolding digital agency with our HQ in Toronto, Canada and we’re 100% remote work.  We’re looking for an experienced Paid Ads Specialist to oversee the day-to-day marketing strategies and campaigns. The ideal candidate is a highly strategic, customer-obsessed, performance-oriented digital marketer. You will become our remote team expert and be expected to set the overarching strategies for paid ads & social media and monitor their expanding reach through multi-channel marketing, and measuring their performance via ROI. Our team currently consists of creative industry lovers, advertising admirers and storytelling aficionados. We’re creating the stuff for the internet that gets people to websites and making purchases online. 


We are seeking an experienced Paid Ads Specialist who will to take charge of managing our clients’ digital advertising campaigns. The ideal candidate must be an outstanding communicator, a strategic thinker, and proficient in managing Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Google Analytics. As a senior account manager, you will be responsible for leading and providing guidance to account managers, coordinating campaign deliverables, analyzing complex data sets, conducting market research, and ensuring that campaigns deliver expected outcomes. To excel in this role, you must have at least 2 years of experience in Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, be proficient in Facebook Ads management, have strong computer skills, and basic data analysis and statistics knowledge. You will be expected to report to clients and team members and deliver client presentations. If you have expertise in Google Tag Manager or similar, we would like to hear from you.


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