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Color trend forecast 2022!

This is the ultimate guide to the top colours and palettes of 2022. Use our guide to re-vamp your marketing material, social media, paid ads and websites.

Google Banner Ads Template

Banners Ads are ads that occupy a section of an app or a website. With Google’s global influence, your ads has the potential to be seen by your target audience at a larger scale. Reach your audience with our customized template 

Social Media Banners Template

With over 4.62 billion people using social media, your potential reach is limitless. Use our banner template to build campaigns that connects with your audience.

How to create a brand

Want to know more about the branding process? In this infographic, we walk you through the 5 major steps of the branding process.

Homepage Checklist

Free 8-step Homepage Checklist for new website owners to increase sales, generate leads or provide information.


Digital business card template with QR code from MK-Way for professionals to share information efficiently.

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