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E-Courses Establishing your Expertise

There is a huge demand for your skills and there’s never been a better time to create your online course. According to Forbes, the e-learning industry is on track to hit $325 billion by 2025. E-courses are an excellent way to expand a business, establish your expertise, and provide a predictable income revenue.

Your E-Course Creation, Made Easy.

You focus on your expertise while we focus on delivering it to the world. You didn’t get to the top of your field by doing it all, you got to where you are by focusing on what you do best. The good news, you don’t have to be a production studio, a project manager, a copywriter a web designer and a marketing expert. You have us for that! 

What we do:

Full-Service Course Creation

Selling digital products such as e-courses is an excellent way to earn passive income. Luckily, we have a whole team of diverse creative experts to help you build & launch e-courses. Watch as your side hustle becomes a viable business. We co-create a plan and do storyboards, script-writing, film course content, and upload and monetize your content.

Advertising Expertise

Our creative designers, copywriters, and digital marketing experts work together to create a campaign to introduce the world to your expertise. Our landing pages are optimized to create a user experience that sells. Don’t underestimate the power of copywriting and sales funnels to convert visitors to paying customers.

Passive Income

Have you ever thought: if only I could clone myself, I could get so much more done? With e-courses you can reach thousands, even millions more customers. Suddenly you are free to expand and explore without your income being tied to your physical presence. You can sell your product, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

A YouTube video about communication on a phone

Are you making these mistakes?

Your Freebie is a Low-Value Sales Pitch.

Most entrepreneurs use a low-value sales pitch. People’s perceptions of online content has changed. Become a trusted leader in your field by offering a winning “freebie” that is so good they would be willing to buy it; but you should give it away for free.

The Freebie doesn’t create demand for your paid offer.

Sourcing contact information isn’t enough. You need to have an end-goal in mind. Your “freebie” needs to set up your offer and lead people to a strong- yes, I want that! Your goal is to create traffic that leads to e-course sales.

Common Questions
about E-Course

An e-course is an educational course taught virtually instead of in person. Many Content Creators make e-courses that are pre-recorded as well as live masterclasses. They are engaging learning experiences that can have an unlimited reach.

The demand for learning new skills is rising. The flexibility and accessibility of online courses make them an alternative to the traditional structure of in-person learning. 

E-courses appeal to students of all ages. Often they are less expensive than traditional education, you have greater liberty in choosing your teacher, and they offer a diverse range of topics. E-courses often address current trends and can be updated quickly.

Selling digital products and e-courses is a popular way to earn a passive income. You can look at an e-course as a side hustle or become a full-time educator. Virtually any life experience or struggle could become a guide that will teach others. The amount of effort you put into your product remains unchanged regardless of how many people enroll in your course. The incentive to attract a large audience means you earn more for your efforts.

We all have something to teach the world. Follow these 7 simple steps to create an e-course that sells. 

  1. Define your online course idea
  2. Create a plan and outline
  3. Build your online course content in video
  4. Choose a price
  5. Create a sales funnel
  6. Launch an online ad campaign
  7. Sell your online course content through email marketing

Our E-Course Development Service Flow:

Rob Currie
RCAS Owner and Founder
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I’m on my way to the airport but had a chance to see the site on my laptop and perusing now on my phone. WOW! You guys crushed it! I’m very impressed and this well exceeds my expectations.
Fortelli Salon & Spa Coordinator
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Working with Mike, Sara and his team has been an absolute delight! Their professionalism and attention to detail has been overwhelming in helping us build and expand our new website! They are always available to us and offering us tips and tricks on how to do updates - we are truly grateful having them part of our Fortelli Family!
Scissors Cut Founder & Owner
Read More
Thank you Sara for the most encouraging words you express in the letter.. You are the best project manager I've ever had!! Working together is so much fun!! I enjoy it a lot!! Have a lovely weekend!
Lisa Hutcheson Owner
Read More
Thanks Mikel I am excited to have the new site live! Thank you for your patience (...) I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I can - your team has been amazing!
Mimi G Style Owner
Read More
Thank you Mike! I couldn't have pulled it off without you. I still have things I want to do to the site but for now until after thanksgiving it's good enough lol
3V Communications President
Read More
Working with Mike and the MK Way team has been exciting and an opportunity to grow for me and my company, 3V Communications. We are in the process of a multi-month marketing project, and so far everyone I've met and worked with has been friendly and professional. I've had a photo-shoot, a brand refresh, am currently creating new online videos and courses, all with the goal of increased revenue in the next coming months. Mike and his team care.

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