The Brief

 If you’ve ever thought your dreams were too daring to become a reality this project will teach you otherwise. The client approached us to create a platform to sell cannabis and psilocybin mushroom products. They pride themselves on high-quality, locally sourced, lab grown ingredients. Protocols ensure everything is cultivated in labs that meet stringent conditions of excellence and safety. 

We were tasked with creating a brand around the concept of “inner” and “outer” space. Inner products are mushroom based and have the effect of hyper-focus. They provoke inward, deep thinking and focus. 

Outer products are cannabis-based and would create the opposite effect. They provoke feelings of relaxation and tranquillity and promote a fun, lightweight feeling. Our task was to create an e-boutique that would take the visitor on an extraordinary trip. 

The Challenge

How do you create a platform representing two dimensions of the human experience while building a user-experience-friendly website? That was the challenge we took on. Rendering this abstract inner-outer experience into a sustainable business platform took talent and creativity from our design team. Visually, the website reflects a deep space trip while supporting a buying platform that would be intuitive and easy to use. 



Web Design
Web Development


Our Solution

We created a splash landing page where people can choose from two dimensions: the “inner” or “outer”. Each dimension has a separate homepage connected by a “sticky” call to action button. To heighten the sense of two different experiences, we used separate, yet complimentary colour palettes.

Interactive Animations

Play Video
Play Video

We created multi-purpose, custom icons and supporting graphics to enhance user experience and give them a “trippy” experience. Mouse icons that change give the users a fun, interactive and functional adventure as they scroll over designated areas of the website.

Custom Icons

Mouse Icons

Your countdown to success begins with one click.