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The Brief

If you’ve ever thought your dreams were too daring to become a reality this project will teach you otherwise. The client approached us to create a platform to sell cannabis and psilocybin mushroom products. They pride themselves on high-quality, locally sourced, lab grown ingredients. Protocols ensure everything is cultivated in labs that meet stringent conditions of excellence and safety. 

We were tasked with creating a brand around the concept of “inner” and “outer” space. Inner products are mushroom based and have the effect of hyper-focus. They provoke inward, deep thinking and focus. 

Outer products are cannabis-based and would create the opposite effect. They provoke feelings of relaxation and tranquillity and promote a fun, lightweight feeling.

Our mission was to create an e-boutique brand that would take the website visitor on an extraordinary learning experience before they made their first purchase online. 

The Challenge

The challenges of the project stemmed from the intricate interplay between abstract concepts, user-friendly interfaces, and seamless e-commerce integration. How does one create a platform representing two dimensions of the human experience while building a user-experience-friendly website? This was the profound question that guided our creative journey.

Having only a logo and a raw concept of inner and outer at hand, our design team embarked on the extraordinary challenge of transforming these initial sparks into a fully-fledged universe of colour, interactivity, and seamless functionality. Rendering this abstract inner-outer experience into a sustainable business platform required a delicate fusion of talent, creativity, and a deep understanding of user experience (UX).

Success Factors

  1. Conceptualizing the Abstract: Successfully transforming abstract ideas of inner and outer spaces into tangible design elements that resonated with users on a deep level.

  2. Intuitive User Experience: Designing a seamless and intuitive user experience that guided visitors effortlessly through the inner and outer realms, enhancing their overall engagement.

  3. Collaborative Innovation: Collaborating closely with the client to develop a compelling brand vision and storytelling while partnering with a talented local photographer to produce captivating visuals that aligned with the brand’s ethos.

  4. Timely Delivery: Ensuring timely project completion, meeting deadlines, and delivering a fully functional celestial web design experience as per the client’s expectations.

  5. User Testing for Validation: Conducting comprehensive user testing internally and externally to gather feedback and insights, refining the design and validating its effectiveness.



Web Design
Web Development


two monitors side by side and two smartphone side by side showing an intergalactic image of chocolate truffles and floating bottles

Our Solution

Imagery: We collaborated with a local photographer to create captivating images and stop-motion animations, which were used to showcase the products as rotating planets, adding a sense of dynamism to the experience.

Colour and Visual Style: We developed a distinct colour palette, using deep green/teal tones for the outer experience and purple/pink tones for the inner experience. This visually represented the different dimensions and created a cohesive and engaging visual identity. We also employed a combination of clear, readable fonts along with stylish and modern typefaces to strike a balance between readability and visual appeal.

Navigation: We developed a splash page that allowed visitors of legal age to choose between the inner and outer navigational experiences of the website. Additionally, we implemented a “sticky” button that followed the visitor, providing easy and seamless navigation between the two dimensions at any point.


open laptop with an intergalatic image and the brand name 'SPACE', along with a purple button, and green button labeled take me inner and take me outer

Animations: We implemented interactive animations that followed the mouse movement, combined with floating elements throughout the website. This created a multi-leveled visual experience, allowing visitors to feel a sense of flow and active participation in the trippy journey.

Play Video
Play Video

Graphics: We created custom icons and implemented trippy mouse hover effects to elevate the overall experience. By incorporating collage-style black and white images of body parts associated with the human senses for the hover effects, we enhanced the website’s trippy look and feel, adding an extra layer of visual intrigue.

Custom Icons

Mouse Icons

E-commerce and Checkout: We designed a streamlined custom checkout process, incorporating best practices for e-commerce. We ensured that visitors were well-informed throughout the process and minimized the number of steps required to reach their goal.

Responsiveness: We implemented adaptive design, optimizing the website for mobile devices. This strategic decision allowed for an exceptional mobile-friendly experience, ensuring that users could fully engage with the inner and outer spaces on any device, anywhere they go.

laptop showing an image on a purple background of an white chocolate and strawberries e-commerce product on the checkout cart screen

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The result

The result is a transformative online platform that showcases high-quality products and educational material on this taboo industry. The website delivered a unique and engaging digital experience for all types of visitors. The client was amazed and excited by the final outcome, as our design exceeded their expectations and brought their brand to life in a remarkable way.