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Great branding ignites a fire inside. It’s the reason you drive further for your favourite cup of coffee and why you spend your vacation in a trusted hotel group.

Branding is all around us. It’s so ingrained in our daily lives that we barely notice it whispering in our ears when we make virtually any decision. Harness the power of great branding to stand out in crowded markets.

A logo can help you launch; a brand will make you soar!

We get it; most people think branding is just a logo and maybe a catchy one-liner. The truth is, defining branding is challenging because it’s virtually everything and anything pertaining to your company. It’s the scent in the store, the paint colour on the wall, and the way you treat people. Most importantly, branding is how you make people feel.

Branding Services We Provide


Your branding is a strategic process of identifying your market placement. As you define how your services or product cater to your customers in a unique way, you begin to develop a brand with its own personality, vision, and tone of voice.

Visual Identity

Consumers are drawn to visuals. Logos, icons, supporting graphics, and photographs associated with your business need to be beautiful, informative and functional.

Brand Manual

Brand manuals are an excellent way to define your business and create consistency and clarity within your organization. How can you reach branding success if you’ve never defined what that means to your business? A brand manual serves as a guide, so while you soar through the cosmos you are not sucked into a black hole (no matter how tempting).

Do these problems sound familiar?

Website not converting?

If SEO, SMM, UX/UI sound like digital space junk, DON’T WORRY, we’re here to help. 

Great product hiding in the shadows?

Stop thinking you have to do it all. You’ve got a great product. Focus on your expertise and let us work our magic.

Common Questions about Branding

Branding evokes feeling and is what comes to mind when customers think of you. What do you want to be known for? A brand helps define your personal identity, product, service or the whole company. Branding uses visual and non-visual cues to help customers understand what you stand for, your products, and services you offer. 

Your brand identity encompasses your values, voice, impact, and the feeling your brand evokes. It also consists of visual elements such as logo, typography and colours which support your non-visual elements. Your brand identity is omnipresent in your communications and should attract, retrain and nurture clients.

Brand identity and website design are different services. A good website design is based on a well-thought-out and formulated brand identity. However, a website design does not include branding, voice, values, mission and visual identity such as logos and supporting graphics. There are many services available that offer joint website design with visual elements for starting entrepreneurs, we even include some of these templates in our free resources section.

You may not realize it yet, but your story and brand are unique to you. Through a series of questionnaires and video meetings, we get a better understanding of who you are and how your brand serves the world. In order for us to get a better idea of how we can meet your business goals, we will ask you to help us in the process as we define mood boards, archetypes, and get a better idea of your vision.

A brand design is more than choosing a logo. If you want people to feel that you care about them, you have to make sure you take the time to show them. Starting with defining what your business offers the world and what values you stand for. From there, a visual process evolves that reaches out to your target audiences and speaks for you when you can’t be there to represent yourself.

Our Branding Service Workflow:

Rob Currie
RCAS Owner and Founder
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I’m on my way to the airport but had a chance to see the site on my laptop and perusing now on my phone. WOW! You guys crushed it! I’m very impressed and this well exceeds my expectations.
Fortelli Salon & Spa Coordinator
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Working with Mike, Sara and his team has been an absolute delight! Their professionalism and attention to detail has been overwhelming in helping us build and expand our new website! They are always available to us and offering us tips and tricks on how to do updates - we are truly grateful having them part of our Fortelli Family!
Scissors Cut Founder & Owner
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Thank you Sara for the most encouraging words you express in the letter.. You are the best project manager I've ever had!! Working together is so much fun!! I enjoy it a lot!! Have a lovely weekend!
Lisa Hutcheson Owner
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Thanks Mikel I am excited to have the new site live! Thank you for your patience (...) I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I can - your team has been amazing!
Mimi G Style Owner
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Thank you Mike! I couldn't have pulled it off without you. I still have things I want to do to the site but for now until after thanksgiving it's good enough lol
3V Communications President
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Working with Mike and the MK Way team has been exciting and an opportunity to grow for me and my company, 3V Communications. We are in the process of a multi-month marketing project, and so far everyone I've met and worked with has been friendly and professional. I've had a photo-shoot, a brand refresh, am currently creating new online videos and courses, all with the goal of increased revenue in the next coming months. Mike and his team care.

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