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Daisy Laser

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$45 / customer

Cost of Acquisition


Daisy Laser & Skincare Clinic approached a MK WAY to increase their local visibility and generate more bookings with a modest budget. A Pareto analysis was used to identify the top revenue-generating services, and the advertising budget was allocated accordingly. The campaign utilized a combination of Google Ads, Call Tracking, and Social Ads to reach their target audience of individuals interested in skincare services, particularly laser treatments. The campaign faced a challenge with a limited budget, but we were able to optimize the advertising spend and increase visibility through a combination of tactics. The successful campaign allowed Daisy Laser & Skincare Clinic to increase their local visibility and generate more bookings.

The Challenge

Paid Ads

Daisy laser & Skincare Clinic came to us with a clear goal: How to increase local visibility and generate more bookings for their business with a relatively modest budget.

The Strategy

In order to best leverage our clients’ budget, we performed a Pareto analysis and Identified their top services (20%) that bring in about 80% of their revenue. Once we identified their top services, we allocated their advertising budget accordingly.

Google Ads

We created:

  • A Search campaign that focuses on dominating the SERP and capturing bottom-of-the-funnel traffic (Users who are ready to convert but are in that critical decision moment)
  • An awareness campaign to raise visibility and attention for the brand and to bring in more traffic to the site at a lower CPC than Search ads.
  • A remarketing Display campaign that brings users back to the site while they browse other offerings and makes sure our client stays top of mind during their customers’ buyer journey.

Call Tracking

In addition to your ususal Google Ads and Google Analytics tracking, we also found it beneficial to install a trusted premium call tracking tool (CallRail) on our clients’ website for the best possible tracking results; this tool provides us with a deeper layer of accurate analytics on the sources of the calls and thus leads (Sources can be: Paid social ads, Direct, Organic, Google Ads, etc)

By listening to the calls, we also found opportunities to coach their team on customer service best practices and on how to be more empathetic on the phone.

Social Ads

We leveraged Meta and Instagram to run targeted campaigns to promote special offers to a wider qualified cold audience. As we all know, nowadays, attention is the game and here at Mk Way, we play to win; our in-house creative team created beautiful attention-grabbing Images and videos to make sure our ads stand out from the increasingly saturated feeds. We also did not miss out on the opportunity of reels as a hot placement.

We carefully curated our target audience by combining the ultimate signals in terms of interests, behaviours and demographics.

In order to optimize performance, we created a/b test experiments to test out different hypotheses in order to maximize ROI.

We faced an interesting challenge to get the ads to jumpstart with a small budget. We had to do some troubleshooting to get it to jumpstart.

Context: The campaign currently had 3 ad sets segmented by the target audience

Although both ad sets 1 and 2 had over 150,000 users each – the campaign didn’t jumpstart and Meta recommended “to combine the ad sets” to make the audience larger – We have run campaigns in the past with way less users in one list and the ads served just fine so we suspected it couldn’t possibly be the only reason.

Daisy Laser PPC - mobile version of the website displayed on a phone

To counter this:

1. We increased the daily budget by reducing the campaign period to stay within budget

2. We made the audiences larger yet still defined but kept the ad sets separate – We wanted to find a high-value audience and if we combined the ad sets then we won’t know which interests exactly are driving conversions.

3. We added more placements

The amount of CAD $5/daily over 30 days was simply too low to even enter the auction, so instead, we upgraded it to CAD $10/daily over 15 days. This investment was based on a combination of Reason 1 + Reason 2.


Because the larger the audience, the cheaper it is because it’s less defined but this doesn’t leave much room for intentional optimization because we won’t know what interests worked and which didn’t. So a solution of raising the daily budget and widening the audience did work to give us an opportunity to enter the auction.

This could not have been foreseen as Meta does not tell advertisers in advance how much impressions or link clicks cost per audience / type or placement, etc. Many factors affect this such as competition and location among others, and this a real-time auction after all.

The Results

Google Ads Campaigns

The campaigns generated:

All-time account data

Daisy Laser PPC - various account details related to clicks on the website
Source: Google Ads (Jan 2022 to Dec 2022)
Daisy Laser PPC - clicks, CTR, average CPC, and conversion rate results with a graph
Source: Google Ads (Jan 2022 to Dec 2022)

Meta Ads Campaign

The goal of this campaign was to promote our client’s attractive December offers to a cold audience in order to generate more bookings for their laser hair removal clinic.

At Mk Way, we believe in results-drive digital marketing. We routinely run experiments to optimize performance by testing our hypotheses, measuring and applying learnings.

In the case of this campaign, we ran an A/B test in order to achieve the lowest possible cost-per-result.

The results were as follow:

Daisy Laser PPC - winning campaign found, cost per result, and version B screenshots for A/B testing

Version B was an obvious winner! The cost per result was $1.66 for version B compared to $6.16 for version A.

There was an 86% chance of get the same results if the same experience was repeated.

Once the winning campaign was determined and learning were applied, the results were as follow:

Daisy Laser PPC - results, reach, impressions, and cost per result tables

Beauty Services

Ontario, Canada

Google Ads
Social Ads

Daisy Laser Clinic

Tech we used

Analytics & Measurement:

  • Google Analytics (GA4)
  • Google Looker Studio Reporting

Website Design & Creatives

  • Adobe XD
  • WordPress
  • Elementor Pro

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