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About Fortelli

Fortelli Salon & Spa is a family-owned business in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. They specialize in hair, makeup, and spa services for women. With over 35 years of experience, they’ve grown into a full-service hair salon & beauty spa that offers facials, body treatments, and hair removal services. Many of their new & existing customers use Local SEO and Google Maps to find Fortelli’s location, browse services and visit the website. Their local presence is key to getting more customers in-store.

The Challenge

Fortelli was using an HTML website that wasn’t properly maintained. They often had to wait 2-3 months before requested changes were implemented to their website. We performed a website audit to find the source of their problem. Their website updates were being neglected because it was too laborious to maintain the website’s outdated HTML code.

Our website audit uncovered several other problems. Fortelli’s local SEO presence on Google Maps lacked vital information. Their website was also not adapted for smartphones. This created multiple errors. Users visiting the website from smartphones were presented with poor user experience and interaction. 

We continued researching their Google SEO, Google Maps, and other local SEO visibility. Although they had over 600 positive reviews with an average of 4.7 stars on a reputation management and consumer review website, they were not integrated with Google. It was clear that Fortelli was not optimizing their strong customer service and business reputation.


Mississauga, ON

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Web Development

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Our Solution

We provided a Project Manager and used an agile project management methodology with five phases.

Phase 1: Website Strategy
During Phase 1, we wanted to preserve the original HTML website and make it available in case we had to go back and compare content. We also tested their existing server to see if we could keep it versus upgrading it for WordPress. We decided the client needed to upgrade to a WordPress Web Host server in Canada. We chose, which used AWS-backed servers.
Phase 2: Preserving the existing on-page SEO
The client had existing SEO built into their HTML website. We kept the content without altering the writing or the URL slugs. We exported the content to Google Docs, noting the Title, H1, H2, and H3 tags, and the permalinks. We used an SEO tool to scan the site and create an audit of URLs (including images).
Phase 3: High-Fidelity Website Mockup
A high-fidelity website mockup is a great way to rapidly show prototypes or revisions of the new website without diving into web development. Our process involved creating a few graphical representations of the new site concept. Once Fortelli saw what was possible, they gave us new insights, vision, and examples of what they wanted to see. Our designer went into deep work mode to create a beautiful user experience (UX). We used two feedback loops of revisions and collaborated 100% online using Adobe XD. Once the designs were approved with the existing content copy, we created a handoff file to implement it onto a WordPress website.
Phase 4: Website Development
We used WordPress & Elementor Pro to design and curate the elements. This ensures that they can update the website easily and independently. We want our clients to know that whatever we can do, they can do too. Elementor Pro allows anyone without website development knowledge to make changes easily. Once the website was implemented on the staging site, we were ready to change website hosts and launch the new website with minimal downtime.
Phase 5: Website Launch & Google Search Console
We used CloudFlare CDN to speed up the website loading time and for their WP Managed Web Hosting. The switchover from our staging site and took 15-minutes, and the new website was live.
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