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You need to drive traffic and increase sales. The digital space has made it possible for businesses to compete on an intergalactic playing field. The sky is the limit. However, it takes proven knowledge to travel amongst the stars.

And MK Way, #1 digital marketing agency, has all the knowledge and skills to take you there. Ready to go?

The Digital Marketer’s
Guide to the Galaxy

Success isn’t a game left to chance. We are building better businesses with a proven methodology and an ever-evolving strategic approach. It takes an experienced team to launch into the unknown. We know your potential is written in the stars.

Are you ready for the journey ahead?

Lightyears ahead in:


Strength in diversity: celebrating our clients

What sets you apart makes you stronger. Diversity deserves to be celebrated. MK Way wants to create a cosmos where you feel your uniqueness is an asset. Think you’re too old/young to be starting your business? Think your gender is a disadvantage in your field? We want you to know that MK Way treats everyone with respect and dignity.

People we serve:


3.84% Hispanic/Latino
23.12% Black/African American
69.2% White/Caucasian
3.84% Asian


27% Women led
73% Men led


11.5% 10+ years
49.9% 3-5 years 
38.6% Startups, under 3 years


38.5% 30-40

42.3% 40-55

19.2% 55 +

Written in the Stars: What They’re Saying

The results speak for themselves. Our clients have become part of our intergalactic family, and we are proud to be a part of their success story.

Rob Currie
RCAS Owner and Founder
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I’m on my way to the airport but had a chance to see the site on my laptop and perusing now on my phone. WOW! You guys crushed it! I’m very impressed and this well exceeds my expectations.
Fortelli Salon & Spa Coordinator
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Working with Mike, Sara and his team has been an absolute delight! Their professionalism and attention to detail has been overwhelming in helping us build and expand our new website! They are always available to us and offering us tips and tricks on how to do updates - we are truly grateful having them part of our Fortelli Family!
Scissors Cut Founder & Owner
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Thank you Sara for the most encouraging words you express in the letter.. You are the best project manager I've ever had!! Working together is so much fun!! I enjoy it a lot!! Have a lovely weekend!
Lisa Hutcheson Owner
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Thanks Mikel I am excited to have the new site live! Thank you for your patience (...) I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I can - your team has been amazing!
Mimi G Style Owner
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Thank you Mike! I couldn't have pulled it off without you. I still have things I want to do to the site but for now until after thanksgiving it's good enough lol
3V Communications President
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Working with Mike and the MK Way team has been exciting and an opportunity to grow for me and my company, 3V Communications. We are in the process of a multi-month marketing project, and so far everyone I've met and worked with has been friendly and professional. I've had a photo-shoot, a brand refresh, am currently creating new online videos and courses, all with the goal of increased revenue in the next coming months. Mike and his team care.

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