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Zisla, a pioneering real estate company specializing in Mexican properties, engaged our services for an extensive UI/UX redesign. Our mission was to transform their complex, information-dense website into an intuitive, user-friendly platform, enhancing navigation and information accessibility.


01/ Unique Business Model

Zisla’s business model is distinctively centered around the sale of multiple units within various property types or gated communities, a niche that sets them apart from traditional real estate companies that typically focus on single properties.

This specialization in unit sales necessitated a deep understanding of the nuances and specifics of marketing and presenting individual units within a larger property context.  To effectively cater to this unique business model, our design strategy had to be custom-tailored.

02/ Dymanic pricing display

Zisla caters to an international clientele, necessitating the display of prices in multiple currencies. This posed a significant challenge as we had to consider fluctuating exchange rates and ensure that prices were accurately represented across various currencies. We needed to develop a solution that dynamically adjusted prices based on the user’s location while maintaining transparency and clarity about the conversion rates and the primary currency used.

03/ Volume of Unit Information

Managing and presenting detailed information for a vast number of units was a major UX challenge.

This required a complete overhaul of the information architecture to create a user-friendly, intuitive navigation system that allowed users to easily access comprehensive details about each unit. We needed to ensure that the vast amount of data was organized in a way that was both accessible and informative, without overwhelming the user.

Success Factors

01/ Expertise in Simplifying Complex UX Systems

At MK-Way, our extensive experience in transforming complex, information-heavy systems into intuitive and user-friendly platforms was crucial for Zisla’s project. The challenge of managing and presenting detailed information for numerous property units required a specialized approach.

02/ Creative strategy & storytelling

Our team’s creative brilliance was pivotal in leveraging strategic storytelling to resonate with Zisla’s audience. By focusing on a narrative that highlighted the unique selling points of the Zisla brand, we crafted a compelling story that stood out from the competition. This approach was not only about engaging users but also about building a strong emotional connection with potential buyers.

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Our Solutions


Our redesign of Zisla’s homepage began with a meticulous focus on the above-the-fold area, understanding its critical role in user engagement and conversion. We introduced a visually captivating and intuitive layout, ensuring that key elements such as the prominent search bar and the ‘free consultation’ button were immediately accessible. This strategic placement was designed to capture user attention and encourage immediate interaction.


Information Architecture Planning

Recognizing the diverse needs of Zisla’s audience, we embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of the website’s information architecture. Our goal was to simplify the user journey, making it more intuitive and aligned with user expectations. We meticulously organized content and navigation elements to ensure that users could effortlessly find what they were looking for, whether it was property listings, investment advice, or insights about living in Mexico.

Catering to the Target Audience

Every aspect of the homepage was crafted with Zisla’s target audience in mind. We conducted extensive research to understand the preferences and behaviors of potential property buyers and investors. This insight allowed us to create a user experience that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and relevant to the users’ needs.

branding enhancement: “About Us”

We strategically developed a 3-fold ‘About Us’, each part designed to showcase a significant aspect of the Zisla experience. This approach was aimed at providing a comprehensive and engaging narrative that would motivate and resonate with visitors.

  1. Your Bridge to Mexico’s Real Estate
  2. Simplifying Mexican Property Purchase
  3. Investing in Your Future

branding enhancement: Unique Selling Points

Our comprehensive analysis of competitors informed the development of four unique selling points that clearly articulated Zisla’s distinct advantages in the market.

branding enhancement: Blog Section Revamp

The original ‘Our Blog’ section of Zisla’s website, while informative, lacked engagement and value perception. We rebranded it to ‘Insights & Tips for the Savvy Investor,’ immediately communicating the content’s relevance to potential investors and property buyers. This positioned the blog as a strategic tool for informed decision-making in real estate investment, rather than just a source of information.

We added a compelling description: “We’ve put together this blog as a reliable resource for you. Each article is carefully reviewed by qualified lawyers and real estate professionals, so you can gradually build your understanding and confidence in the Mexican real estate market. Happy reading!” This reinforced its role as a key resource for insightful, expert-backed content, empowering readers in their real estate investment decisions.

Property Card Redesign

Emphasis on Unit Availability: A significant aspect of our card redesign redesign was the clear display of the number of available units for each property. This was a crucial element, considering Zisla’s unique business model focusing on unit sales. We integrated this information seamlessly into the design, ensuring it was prominently displayed without overwhelming the other details.

Clear Call-to-Action for Unit Viewing: Understanding the importance of user journey continuity, we incorporated a distinct and compelling call-to-action (CTA) on each property card. This CTA was strategically placed to encourage users to explore further, leading them directly to detailed unit listings and enhancing the potential for conversion.

branding enhancement: Unique Selling Points

Our comprehensive analysis of competitors informed the development of four unique selling points that clearly articulated Zisla’s distinct advantages in the market.

Map Integration

Addressing the previous challenge where the map functioned merely as a complementary element to the list view, we redesigned the property cards for map integration. This involved creating a simpler version of the property card specifically for the map view, ensuring that it provided essential information while maintaining clarity and ease of use.

This redesign transformed the map from a secondary feature into a fully functional and integral part of the property search experience, catering to users who prefer a more visual approach to property discovery.

Pricing Solution (1) : Dual Currency Display with Geolocation Technology

In our redesign, we introduced an innovative dual pricing system to enhance the user experience for Zisla’s diverse international clientele. Prices were displayed in Mexican Pesos (MX $) as the primary currency, with a secondary currency automatically determined based on the user’s geolocation. This dynamic approach ensured that users saw pricing in a familiar currency, making the property listings more relatable and understandable.

Pricing Solution (2) : Interactive Pricing Disclaimer

To address potential confusion arising from currency conversion and fluctuating exchange rates, we implemented an interactive disclaimer popup. This feature was designed to educate users about the pricing mechanism, providing transparency and building trust. The popup explained how prices were converted and updated, ensuring users had a clear understanding of the pricing structure.

Pricing Solution (3) : Fail-Safe Mechanism for Accurate Pricing

To address potential issues with geolocation inaccuracies and specific browser security settings, we implemented a currency selection dropdown in the website’s main menu. This feature allows users to manually select their preferred currency, offering greater control over their browsing experience. This fail-safe mechanism is particularly important for users traveling or using VPN services, allowing them to customize their experience and view prices in their chosen currency, thereby enhancing user satisfaction and accuracy in pricing display.


We revolutionized the property pages by introducing a dual-view feature. This allowed users to seamlessly toggle between comprehensive property details and a listing of available units. This design enhanced user experience by providing a holistic view of each property and its individual units.

Property Page: Advanced Filters and Information Display

To aid in user navigation, we incorporated advanced filters, enabling users to efficiently sort through units based on their preferences. A scrollable table was added to display essential unit information succinctly, and for further details, we integrated a detailed popup for each unit, offering an in-depth look at specific features and amenities.

Elevated Design for Premium Listings

Recognizing the unique appeal of luxury properties, we introduced a distinct style for these listings. Larger cards were used in a list-only view format, emphasizing the high-end nature and exclusivity of these properties. This specialized design approach helped in distinguishing the luxury collection, making it stand out and appeal to the high-end market segment.

Adaptable Design Framework

Understanding the variety in property and unit types on Zisla’s platform, we developed an adaptable design framework. This flexible approach ensured that our design could accommodate a wide range of listings, including those without specific pricing or inventory details, thereby catering to the diverse portfolio of Zisla.

Why We're Proud

Zisla’s unique business model presented us with distinct challenges, and we’re proud to have developed bespoke solutions that catered specifically to their needs. Whether it was the dual-view property pages, the intelligent pricing design, or the adaptable design framework, our custom solutions have set a new standard in real estate web design.

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