1Life2Love, with a physical warehouse as their base, aimed to create a creative haven for individuals seeking an outlet. They offered after-school activities, hosted events, workshops, and also sold oil paintings and candles.

They approached MK Way to help them solve their dual-business problem within a single branding solution and visual identity. The client’s vision was to promote happiness, encourage disconnection from technology, and foster a community for families and friends to bond over creative activities.


Our biggest challenge was reconciling the dual nature of their business. On one hand, they had a beautiful studio offering art activities (i.e, paint night), while on the other hand, they wanted to sell oil paintings both in-studio and online. The branding challenge lay in seamlessly merging these two distinct facets into a cohesive and strong brand identity. To address this, we focused on colour as a key solution, as explained in the following sections.

Success Factors

Timely Project Delivery

Our prompt project management, exceptional client communication and collaboration, and our access to top 1% talent were critical in completing this project within two months. This ensured we aligned perfectly with the design of their e-commerce store and the grand opening of their studio. Our efficient processes and skilled team enabled us to meet tight deadlines while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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Our Solutions


First, we conducted an in-depth brand excavation phase to identify their buyer personas, define their vision & mission, and craft their brand story &tone of voice. This process ultimately led to the creation of their main slogan:

Leave technology at home.
Enter our creative world.


Next, we developed mood boards that visually represented the brand’s unique personality. We opted for a playful and happy look and feel, employing energetic imagery, modern fonts with a touch of playfulness, and vibrant colours that evoked a sense of joy and inspiration. This exploration led us to the development of the logo and colour palette.


The logo featured custom lettering, with the letter “V” in “Love” replaced by a heart symbol to symbolize love and a paintbrush stroke-like line underneath to represent the artistic nature of the business. This unique logo design allowed for both the full logo and the symbol to be used separately, providing flexibility in application.


Additionally, we carefully designed a colour palette that evoked happiness when used together, while also allowing for specific combinations to differentiate activities. This approach effectively addressed the dual nature of the business, seamlessly incorporating both aspects into the brand identity. .


Lastly, inspired by the mood boards, we created hand-drawn graphic elements that could be used across various applications to enhance the brand identity. We also developed a series of “digital stickers” utilizing the symbol and various slogans of the company. These stickers could be utilized online and printed for use on organic box packaging and tote bags, serving as a unifying element between the online and offline identity. They added a playful touch and allowed customers to spread the love and company message.


To facilitate wholesale operations, we streamlined the wholesale process through the “Wholesale Gorilla” Shopify app, offering tailored pricing and discounts for B2B customers.

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