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Dragonfly Energy
Green Energy Storage
Concept Design


Dragonfly Energy Solutions specializes in developing revolutionary green energy storage solutions. The client approached us with a vision for an elevated website that would better reflect their innovative business plans and brand identity. Recognizing that their current website no longer aligned with their aspirations, they sought our expertise to realize this vision.

Our goal was to provide creative direction and concept development for their homepage and deliver a mockup as a proof of concept.


Our primary challenge was to craft a strategic direction that captured the innovative essence of Dragonfly Energy Solutions while ensuring the website remained informative, user-friendly, and not overwhelming. 

We aimed to position Dragonfly Energy as an industry leader by highlighting their unique selling points (USPs) and utilizing AI generative graphics and animation.

Success Factors

Our expertise in visualizing a brand’s potential and illustrating its unique story through a sophisticated blend of information architecture, visual innovation, and strategic brand storytelling played a crucial role in the success of this project. Our ability to create an engaging and intuitive user experience while conveying complex information seamlessly set us apart.

Our Solutions


First, we conducted an in-depth brand excavation phase to identify their buyer personas, define their vision & mission, and craft their brand story &tone of voice. This process ultimately led to the creation of their main slogan:

  1. Conceptual Video Integration: We utilized a conceptual video from their YouTube channel as a background to evoke emotion and capture attention.

  2. Value Proposition Enhancement: We reinforced their original above-the-fold statement with the subtitle “Crafting the Future of Energy Storage with Pioneering Lithium-Ion Batteries and Sustainable Systems” to swiftly convey their value proposition.

  3. Strategic CTAs: We added two main CTA buttons to guide visitors seamlessly towards key actions: reaching out to Dragonfly Energy and exploring their solutions.


Leveraging information from their old website, we introduced an elevated information architecture designed to provide visitors with a seamless flow while delivering all necessary information for a landing page.


We curated distinct selling points that showcased the company’s core strengths: Sustainability & Innovation, Off-Grid Expertise, and Leadership. This approach presented a clear and compelling picture of what sets Dragonfly Energy apart, making a strong case for prospective customers to choose their services.


To prominently showcase their battery technology, we developed a mouse-dependent 3D animation using AI-generated images and animation tools, providing an impressive visual experience.


To prominently showcase their battery technology, we developed a mouse-dependent 3D animation using AI-generated images and animation tools, providing an impressive visual experience.


We proposed a dynamic “blog” section, titled “Powering the Conversation,” that retrieves content from various relevant resources (currently located under ‘Media’ on their website). This section aims to transform the blog into a valuable resource that solidifies Dragonfly Energy’s position as an industry leader. Additionally, we replaced “Film” with “Academy” to emphasize its role as a source of knowledge rather than just focusing on the format of the content.

Our Solutions

lEAD magnet Concept creation

We introduced the “Energy Savings Calculator Tool”:

    1. Concept: An interactive, user-friendly web application that enables potential customers to calculate the benefits of switching to Dragonfly Energy’s products.
    1. How It Works: Visitors enter information about their current energy setup, such as the type of batteries used (e.g., lead-acid), average energy consumption, and application (RV, marine, off-grid, etc.). The tool then calculates and displays potential energy savings, efficiency improvements, and environmental benefits of switching to Dragonfly Energy’s lithium-ion batteries.
  1. Results Presentation: The tool presents:
  1. Call to Action: After presenting the results, the tool offers a free, tailored recommendation of Dragonfly Energy products in exchange for user information.

Before MK-WAY

After MK-WAY

The MK-Way “WOW” effect