The Brief

1life2love dreamed of creating a digital space that would support education, events, and a passion for art. Although they approached us for a website, they left with a full branding that would see their dreams turn into reality. Now, they can offer a variety of activities and art on a branded platform that will help inspire other people to follow their own creative dreams.

The Branding

We helped establish 1life2love in the events & activities market through strategic branding that would help the company find its unique voice and resonate with its target audience. It was essential that the brand focus on bringing communities together through creativity while establishing a sustainable business. 

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The Identity

Sparking joy and inspiration are key emotions in the identity of 1life2love. This was established through a fresh and playful colour palette of cool turquoise and bursting pink. Customized lettering was used in the logo to give it that “one of a kind” touch. Everything was pulled together by supporting graphics and bold fonts that tied a neat bow around the identity.

The colour palette is carefully designed so when used together it evokes happy emotions but also can be used in specific combinations to differentiate activities and the 2 parts of the business.

The website

1life2love now has a website that is much more than a beautiful portal to their creative vision of community building. They have a fully functioning online business that is easy to maintain. Using Shopify was a sustainable approach to building their business and optimizing their investment. MK-Way was able to help them establish a website and solution to their growing needs. We also provided them with educational material so that they would be able to navigate their new digital platform. 

The Elements

Creativity is the name of the game and MK-Way is happy to play. We provided 1life2love with supporting graphic elements to be used throughout the website. These playful and bold elements adapt their logo into fun variations. They can also be used in printing, packaging, and other branded materials. 

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