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The Brief

What to do when your website no longer stimulates business growth? Many companies are focused on providing top-notch service but often fail to show the world what they are made of.

In the case of RCAS we were presented with an outdated website that was far from representing their expertise in crisis management and security. Although the company believed they needed a website, they actually needed a complete re-branding that would tell their story and speak credit to their years of experience. 

We were tasked with creating clarity and showing their potential clients that they were in safe hands. 

The Branding

In approaching a security company, trust is everything. Clients need to feel secure. This means branding that is consistent, clear and confident. We addressed confusion regarding naming and implemented bold branding so that top-level international clients would see they are in safe hands.

Their new slogan: Acting Today, Securing Tomorrow speaks to the urgent need to hire a security company before a crisis becomes hard to manage. The slogan drives action and conversion. 

We approached this project with an empathetic approach. We leaned into their clients’ security concerns and how RCAS has successfully addressed them hundreds of times with similar clients. Potential clients would now find answers to problems easily, thanks to a brand that communicates a clear message.

First thing we did is change the name from:

Name: “RC ADVISORY SERVICES“ Subtitle: “Security and Crisis Management”


Name: “RCAS” Subtitle: “ Crisis Management & Security”

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Then we came up with their slogans and the tagline:

We turn Crisis Management into Crisis Leadership

The Identity

We presented several compelling logo options to RCAS so that they could find one they best believed serves their clients. The logo needed to be simple, clear, effective and drive action. Crisis Management and Security is a priority and needs to treated with urgency. The logo we created featuring a path forward with an exclamation mark speaks to that urgency. 


At the very core of the visual identity, we created a colour palette: red to represent danger and blue to represent security. Bold fonts and attention-grabbing animations drive home important messages and statistics. Supporting graphics and imagery that represent security and strategic development are found throughout the branding. 

The website

RCAS now has a client-focused website that is easy to navigate. The website drives action and generates client leads. Governmental bodies, Fortune 500 companies and multi-national organizations can now have confidence that they are working with the world’s best security and crisis management company. 

The website was created so that it would be easy to manage. No advanced in-house tech personnel is necessary. We provided simple, easy-to-follow support to ensure that the website could be updated and managed easily. 

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